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Online Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Meter Model: DC-5310, Brand: Suntex, Taiwan


• Wastewater treatment
• Fish Cultivation
• Environment
• Fermentation

• Concentration and saturation of dissolved oxygen measurement
• Measurement unit: ppm, mg/l, %, °C
• Compatible with WTW TriOxmatic 690 & 700, and Mettler Toledo InPro 6050 & 6800 sensors
• Back-lit LCD with ON/OFF/Auto programmable illumination
• Two sets of isolated current output DC 0/4~20mA corresponding to measurement and temperature
• Two Hi/Lo Limited contact outputs; Set points with programmable hysteresis function
• Salinity correction & atmospheric pressure correction
• Gradually continuous sample measurements average function to enhance stability
• Wash function with programmable time-interval control
• Display of the last calibration time and sensor slope
• Password protection
• DC-5300RS with one analog output and one RS-485 interface


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