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Digital Portable Optical DO Meter Model: 86022 Brand: AZ Instrument, Taiwan


Great for low flow and small volume sample
Remain accuracy in low oxygen range and won’t be affected by acid gases
No polarization time and no probe maintenance work
Big LCD with D.O. & Temperature display
Selectable % and mg/L unit for D.O. Value
°C/°F automatic temperature compensation built-in
Manual salinity and auto pressure compensation
3 points D.O. calibration and 1 point temp. adjustment

Technical Specification:
DO Measuring Range: 0.0%~200.0%
DO Accuracy of % Scale:0~110%: ±1% of range
110~200%: ±2% of range
DO Resolution 0.1%
DO Measuring Range:0.0 mg/L~20.0 mg/L
DO Accuracy:<10 mg/L: ±0.1 mg/L
10~20 mg/L: ±0.2 mg/L
DO Resolution 0~1 mg/L: 0.0001 mg/L
1~10 mg/L: 0.001 mg/L
10~20 mg/L: 0.01 mg/L
Temperature Measuring Range:0~50.0℃ (32~122°F)
Temperature Accuracy:±0.2℃ (0.4)°F
Temperature Resolution:0.1℃
Auto Temp. Compensation 0~50.0℃ (32~122°F)
Manual Compensation:Included
Salinity Adjustable Range:0.0~55.0 ppt
Salinity Resolution:0.1 ppt
Barometric Pressure: Auto Compensation
50.0~115.0 Kpa
Barometric Pressure Resolution:0.1 Kpa
Barometric Pressure Accuracy:±0.2 Kpa
DO Calibration Points:0.0%, 4.78% and 100%
LCD Size:54 (L)*32.5 (W) mm
Operating Temperature:0~50℃
Operating RH% Humidity <85%
Storage Temperature: 0~50℃
Storage RH%lHumidiy <80%
Sensor Life Time:>1 year (with good maintenance)
Battery AAA *6 PCS
Meter Size:169(L) * 78.3(W) * 43.4(H) mm
Power Consumption:10 hours operation
Standard Package: Meter, Optical Dissolve Oxygen (D.O.) Probe,
Manual, Hard Carry Case, Batteries


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