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Rotary Evaporator Model: N-1100-D, Brnad: Faithfu, China


Technical Specification:
Capacity of water bath: 6.4L
Heating power of water bath: 1.5KW
Temperature range of water bath: RT~100C
Lit method: Manual lift, adjustable angle of rotary flask
Capacity of evaporating flask: 2L
Capacity of receiving flask: 1L
Cooling area of condenser: 0.13㎡
Condenser capacity: 1.3L
Rotate speed: 10~180 rpm
Speed control mode: Adjusted by rotary knob on the controller
Motor power: 25W
Voltage: 220V/50HZ 110V/60HZ
Boundary dimension: 750*320*540mm
Boundary dimension of water bath: 270*285*300mm




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