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Digital Muffle Furnace Model: WMF-05 Brand: WIGGENS, Germany


Peration and Display:
> Intelligent navigation operation, can be directly access into the settings
> The main interface shows setting temperature, actual temperature, output power, historical data, alarm records and other information, convenient to enter the destination menu directly

> Integrated temperature program, 10×30 steps
> Display the temperature curve in real-time

Data storage and connection:
> Data storage, transfer, and invocation
> Experiment data and alarm information can be transfer by USB stick
> Communication interface included RS232, RS485, RJ45, can be remote controlled by PC and SCADA

> Overheat protection (Electronic and mechanical protection), Overload and leakage protection, Selfdiagnosis
> With password protection to prevent the process of setting parameters are changed
> Standard with passive exhaust port, ensure gas pressure safety
> With high quality thermocouple, ensure accurate temperature control and long service time

Technicla Specification:
Chamber volume: 4.5 Liter
Heating Temperature range: RT+15~1100 (℃)
Temperature stability :±1 (℃)
Heating Heat on three sides
Temperature control: PID
Heating capacity: 2.5 KW
Program Integrated temperature program, 10×30 steps
Safety device Overheat, Overload and leakage protection, Self-diagnosis, with password protection
Temperature curve Display the temperature curve in real-time
Communication interface” RS232, RS485, RJ45, USB-A for data export
Power supply: Aviation connector of the power supply, AC220, 50/60Hz
Chamber dimensions: 150×200×150 (W×D×H mm)
Dimensions: 475×460×640 (W×D×H mm)
Weight: 74 (KG)


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