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Moisture Analyzer-120gm


Capacity (kg): 120 g
Readout (g): 0.001g
Automatic correction of temperature.
Minimum weight of the sample: 0,2g.
Humidity resolution: 0,01%.
Results % Humidity % solid matter: %M, %D, %R, G/L, %M Atro, %D Atro.
GLP: Yes, configurable by the user.
Calibration: External.
Display type: LCD matricial.
Range of temperature of working: 30ºC to 200ºC.
Range of temperature of drying: 30ºC to 175ºC.
Range of temperature standby: 30ºC to 100ºC.
Memory of the drying process: 40 method x 25 results / 1000 batchwise.
Viewing of drying: Yes (frontal windows and graphic on screen).
criteria of configurable auto switch off: Auto, manual, defined by the user, weight/time, defined by the user per % unity/time, intelligent.
User’s passwords: Yes.
Language: English.
Accessories of series: Gauge of temperature, 25 plates for sample included, dust cover, blister and RS232 cable.
Excitation: 230Vac 50 Hz.
Net weight: 6,4 kg.


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