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Digital Water Multipara Meter (pH/COND./SALT/TDS/DO) Model: 86021 Brand: AZ Instrument, Taiwan


Large LCD to display multiple parameters in turns:
pH, Conductivity or TDS or Salinity, Dissolved oxygen, Temperature (by using different probes)
Displayed parameter is decided by probe type
Water proof function as IP67
Fast measuring of dissolved oxygen value
Accurate replaceable probes with anti-collision cap
Auto ranging for conductivity measurement
Auto temperature compensation (ATC)
99 points memories w/recall function
Multiple points calibration: 3 points for pH, 1 point for D.O., 4 points Manually altitude and salinity compensation function for D.O. measurement
Easy replacement probes
Temperature unit ℃/℉ is switchable
1 hour auto power off.

Technicla Specification:
pH Measuring Range: 2.00~12.00
pH Resolution: 0.01
pH Accuracy: ±0.1
Conductivity Measuring Range: 0~199.9, 0~1999 us/cm
0~19.99, 0~150.0 ms/cm
Conductivity Resolution: 0.1 us/cm, 1 us/cm, 0.01ms/cm, 0.1 ms/cm
Conductivity Accuracy: ±1% of F.S ±1 digit
TDS Measuring Range: 0~199.9*f, 0~1999*f ppm
0~19.99*f, 0~150.0*f ppt
(f is TDS factor)
TDS Resolution: ±1% of F.S ±1 digit
TDS Accuracy: 0.1, 1 ppm, 0.01, 0.1 ppt
TDS Factor: 0.30~1.00
Salinity Measuring Range: 0~10.00 ppt, 0~42.0 ppt (SEA Water)
Salinity Resolution: 0.01 ppt, 0.1 ppt
Salinity Accuracy: ±1% of F.S ±1 digit
D.O. Measuring Range: 0.0~199.9% (0.0~30.0 mg/L)
D.O. Resolution: 0.1
D.O. Accuracy: ±3% of F.S ±1 digit
Temperature Measuring Range: -5~60.0℃
Temperature Resolution: 0.1
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5℃
Compatible Probe: pH probe (863PAZ), EC probe(833PAZ), D.O. Probe (843PAZ)
LCD Size : 54(L) x 32.5(W) mm
Operating Temperature: 0~50℃
Operating RH%: Humidity <80%
Storage Temperature: 0~60℃
Storage RH%: Humidity <90%
Battery: AAA battery *4 PCS
Meter Size: 169(L) x 78.3(W) x 43.4(H) mm
Weight: ~200g
Standard Package: Meter, Battery, Manual, Hard Carry Case
Standard Probe: pH probe, Conductivity Probe, D.O. Probe,
D.O. Electrolyte, 2 membrane Set, Cable Clip
(User can decide which probe to be included as standard)


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