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Melting Point Apparatus Model: 360D Brand: FALC, Italy


Easy to use instrument, insert the sample in the glass capillary and immerse the same in the heating group.
Therefore, by regulating the temperature you can observe through the magnifying glass the moment in which
the fusion is achieved by confronting the same with the scale thermometer on glass placed on the scale
Simple and easy to use, with an excellent range of measurement and a digital display with a resolution of 0,1°C.
Designed to measure two samples at the same time.
The internal LED light, the magnified lens and the inclination given by the hind legs,
allow you to have a broader and clear view of samples.
The two different speeds of ascent allow a faster and convenient measurement

Model: 360 D
Item 621.0000.22
Temperature Ambient ÷ +360 °C
Power V/HZ 230/50
Coloured display N°4 digit at 8 segments
Digital thermometer: 0+360+/-1
Sample quantity 2
Lecture zone: lightned
Dimensions 160x220x170
Weight: Kg 1.8



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