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Rotary Evaporator Model: STRIKE 285 M1 / M4, Brand: WIGGENS, Germany


Chemical research, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, cosmetics manufacturing, and chemical laboratories..
Digital LCD display of both rotation speed and heating temperature allows for optimal control of all distillation processes.
Automatic motor lift releases the evaporating flask to a safe position in case of power failure.
5L heating bath with wide temperature range from room temperature to 180°C Water/oil heating mode can be changed only through a switch.
Overheating protection temperature at 220 °C.
Boil-dry protection, automatically power off if heating without water/oil in the heating bath.
Speed range from 20 to 280rpm, and interval operation in clockwise and anticlockwise directions for drying process.
Condenser (cooling surface 1700cm²) with excellent cooling effect.
Ejection mechanism ensures easy removal of evaporating flask.
Patented double spring sealing ring made of PTFE provides an excellent sealing performance.
Optional glassware with explosion proof film available
Safety features: Motor over-current protection, earth-leakage protection lifting overload protection, Boil-dry protection, Overheating protection.

eatures Sealing system
> The unique sealing system allows a perfect vacuum-tight and anti-corrosion
> With chemically resistant gasket, suitable for various samples
> This sealing system is a standard feature in all strike models and can be used with all types of glassware sets
Mechanical structure
> With electric lifting device, adjustable stroke, and it can also stop at any position
> With powerful rotation motor, the speed up to 280 rpm
> Adjustable angle of the evaporating flask can be individually set according to your needs
Glassware set
> All glassware sets are also available with transparent plastic coating for added safety
> Four types of condensers
> Different volumes of evaporating and receiving flasks
> Standard package includes one 1,000ml evaporating flask and one 1,000ml receiving flask
> Other accessories are optional, such as adapters, anti-sprinkling bubbles, vapor tubes…
Vapor tube
> Evaporating flasks and vapor tubes come with a standard NS 29/32 joint
> PTFE sleeves ensure tight sealing while preventing the glass from sticking together
> Easy to disassemble, clean and replace the parts

Technicla Specification:
Models: Slanting glassware, Vertical glassware (Vapor sinking),
Vertical glassware (Vapor rising), Dry ice condensation type
Glassware: Standard or plastic-coated glassware
Rotation speed: 20 to 300 rpm (DC motor)
Screen: 4.3″ monochromatic LCD touch screen
Sealing: PTFE and carbon graphite seals
Connection: Coupling ring and ejector of evaporation flask
Bath temperature: 180℃ ( combination with water or oil )
Bath heater: 1400W
Bath capacity: 5 liters
Temperature stability: ±2℃
Bath material: PTFE coated molded aluminum tank
Left and right moving distance: 90mm
Draining: Removable bath for emptying
Stroke displacement: 13cm, adjustable, and can be stopped at any position
Head angle adjustable: 0~15°
Cooling surface: 1500cm2
Evaporating flasks: 1000ml (optional 50 to 2000ml)
Collecting flasks: 1000ml (optional 250 to 2000ml)
Voltage: 230 V AC, 50Hz
Weight: 26,5 Kg
Overall dimensions
690x700x430mm (vertical version, HxDxL)
690x790x430mm (slanting version, HxDxL)

Vapor temperature probe, condenser cooling water temperature probe, vacuum pump and controller, chiller…
Protective shield: Glassware lifting up possible with or without the protective shield
Other features:Powered glassware lifting up device with safety release (in case of power failure)
Quick start/stop control and parameter selector


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