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Digital Conductivity Meter Model: HZPD-T503, Chian


Grade: 0.5
Display: 5.0 inch color touch-screen
Measurement Mode: Conductivity / Resistivity / TDS / Salinity
Range Conductivity: 0.000 µ S/cm 〜 3000 mS/cm
Resistivity: 0.000Ω·cm 〜105.0 MΩ·cm
TDS: 0.000 mg/L〜3000 g/L
Salinity: 0.000〜87.0 psu (about 0.00 ~ 15.00% )
Temp.: -30.0~135.0°C ( ATC/MTC)
Conductivity: Auto 0.001 ~1
0.000 µ S/cm ~ 1999 µ S/cm
20.0 mS/cm ~3000 mS/cm
Resistivity: Auto 0.001 ~ 1.0
TDS: Auto 0.001 ~ 1.0
Salinity: Auto 0.001 ~ 1.0
Temp.: 0.1℃
Accuracy Conductivity: ±0.5%(based on measuring value & cover all ranges)
(better than ± 0.5%F.S)
Resistivity TDS Salinity
Temp.: ±0.1℃
Calibration: One point Calibration; Built-in 10 standard solution; Support self-defined solution.
Temp Compensation: Linear(0.0~0.1/℃), Non-linear, Off
Database: 1000 Measurements, conforms to GLP
Reference Temp: 20℃ or 25℃
Endpoint Mode: Auto / Manual / Time, Selectable
Input (Built-in Temp)
Mini-DIN ( Cinch, NTC 30KΩ )
Output: RS232 & USB, (Optional with printer)
Power Supply: 110~220V AC 50/60Hz, 9~12V DC
Housing Dimension
Standard Solutions: 146.5µ S/cm, 1408µ S/cm, 12.85 mS/cm, 111.3 mS/cm
This conductivity meter is a routine laboratory analytical instruments with full touch-screen. It not only can be used to measure the conductivity, resistivity, TDS, temperature, but also can be used to measure the purity of pure water, salinity of desalination treatment(by the standard of NaCI), conductivity ash and other parameters.

The conductivity of water reflects the amount of salt in water and is an important index of water purity.

Convenient Touch Operation
Assist your daily lab work faster and reliable.

High Accuracy
0.5 grade,higher than regular 1.0 grade fromothers.
Standard 4-ring electrode allows for reduced polarization and ensure accuracy in hypersaline solution.

Easy Operation
10 kinds of pre-set international standard solutions. Customized is supported.
3 kinds of temp. Compensation and 3 kinds of end-point modes are optional.
Imput known constant cell to calibrate the machine.
1000 groups of measurement database which is auditable, trackable and manageable.


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