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Benchtop Digital pH Meter Model: SP-2310, Brand: Suntex, Taiwan


Technical Specification:
Auto Read Breathing Status Light
Theory Visualization Calibration Graphics
Type-C port for power supply and data transmit
0.001 pH Resolution
60,000 Sets of Data Storage
Up to 5 Points of Calibration
Intuitive Interaction
3-Minute Curve Trend
Switched to ºC or ºF
Dual-layer Passcode Protection
Parameter: pH/ORP
Display: Graphical, Backlight
Measuring Range:-2~20 pH -2000~2000 mV
Resolution: 0.001 pH 1mV / 0.1 mV
Accuracy: ±0.005 pH, ±0.05%
Graphical Menu: Yes, with setting overview
Temperature Compensation: NTC30K / PT1000 ATC and MTC
Auto Read: Yes, with status light indicator
Data storage: 60,000 sets
Data transmitting: USB Type-C
RS-232 protocol for Serial Printer: Through USB Type-C for printing out selected measurement/calibration data or real-time measurement
Calibration: 1~5 points
Calibration record: The last 50
Cal. methods: Linear, segmented
Built-in Cal. Buffer sets: TECH, NIST, Any, MERCK, Mettler US/EU, WTW,
Hach, Hamilton, JIS Z8802, User-defined table
Theory visualization calibration mode Unique theory-visualization calibration mode shows dynamic pH calibration curve movement for education purposes —
Cal. Reminder Yes, with progress bar and remaining days information
pH sensor status: Yes —
Passcode Yes, with cal. & setting 2 levels
Power supply USB-Type C to AC/DC Adapter or power supplier (continuous power) Available for 6V AC/DC Adapter (optional)
Sensor connector: BNC (1012Ω), Banana
Size: 220mm x 180mm x 65mm (L x W x H)
Weight: about 0.46kg


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