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Key Features
water-bath’s maintain stable internal temperature with 20L heating capacity
Temperature range up to +100°C
LED display of the actual temperature.
High temperature accuracywith overheating protection
Precise temperature control with PID controller
High temperature resistant and corrosion free lid made up of 304 stainless steel.
The temperature homogeneity avoids any bumping phenonmenon to occur during usage.

Display LED
Temperature range [℃] Room temp.+5-100
Temperature stability at 37℃ [℃] ±0.5
Temperature accuracy at 37℃ [℃] ±0.3
Bath volume[L] 20
Circulating pump No
Overheating protection yes
Temperature sensor PT1000
Dimension [mm] 667x349x357
Housing Q235 Plastic panel
Parts touch water ( including lid) Stainless steel
Weight[kg] 16.2
Voltage[V] 220V, 50/60Hz
Heating power[W] 1000
Ambient temperature [℃] +10~40
Ambient humidity [% rHF] <80



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