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Key Features
•  HINOTEK water-bath’s maintain stable internal temperature with 20L heating capacity
•  Temperature range up to +100°C •  LED display of the actual temperature.
•  High temperature accuracywith overheating protection
•  Precise temperature control with PID controller
•  High  temperature  resistant  and  corrosion  free  lid  made up of 304 stainless steel.
•  The temperature homogeneity avoids any bumping phenonmenon to occur during usage.

Display LED
Temperature range [℃] Room temp.+5-100
Temperature stability at 37℃ [℃] ±0.2
Temperature accuracy at 37℃ [℃] ±0.1
Bath volume[L] 20
Circulating pump yes
Overheating protection yes
Temperature sensor PT1000
Dimension [mm] 667x349x357
Housing Q235 Plastic panel



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