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UV VIS Spectrophotometer (Single beam) Model: UV1200, Brand: UVISON, UK


LCD displays T, A, C, K, B. 70 x 40 mm blue-lit
Adjust automatically 0%A and 100%T.
Large sample compartment can accommodate 5-100mm path length cuvettes.
Can make test of Quantitative and Kinetics with professional PC software.
Automatic control of the switching of deuterium and tungsten lamp, manual wavelength setting.
Store 50 groups of measuring data and 10 groups of K & B value.

Wavelength Range: 190~1100nm
Spectral Bandwidth: 4nm
Wavelength Accuracy:2nm
Wavelength Repeatability:1nm
Photometric Accuracy:0.5%T
Photometric Repeatability:0.2%T
Stray light:0.15%T @500nm
Stability:0.002 A@500nm
Wavelength Setting:manual
Keyboard:Membrane keypad
Light Source:Deuterium & Tungsten lamp
Display 70 x 40 mm blue-lit LCD
Detector: Silicon Photodiode
Output: USB port or RS232 port
Power: AC 220V/50Hz; AC 110V/60Hz
Dimension : 420 x 350 x 200 mm
Weight: 8kg


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