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Tablet Friability Tester-2


CS series of instruments are used for detecting friability/ abrasion of tablet.

Applicable standards:
National standard( Chinese codex ) /2015
Corporate standard(Dissolution tester )Q/12XQ0189-2010

Two drums run synchronously. Auto stop at timing point.
The drum is made of high-quality hyaline acryl.
The speed and revolution of the drum are constant, either preset or real data is displayed on the LED.
A MPU is used to control all operations, high accuracy is achieved in testing rotary speed and circle number.
Automation: auto-test, auto-diagnose, auto-alarm.

Cylinder number: 2
Cylinder radius: Φ286mm
Cylinder depth: 39mm
Tablet fall height: 156mm
Rotation speed: 25rpm
Rotation Speed accuracy: ±1rpm
Rotation count: 100r
Rotation count accuracy: ±1r
Power : 220V/ 50Hz/ 50W or 110V/ 60Hz/ 50W
Dimension: (370×300×340)mm3


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