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Super Gradient Thermal Cycler PCR


* Newest generation peltier-based technology, more steady, reliable and durable with ramping rate at 5.5℃/sec.
* 7 inches color full touch screen, graphical display of protocols.
* Bilingual interface (English and Chinese).
* Download and upgrade software through flash drive.

Technical Parameters:
Model BK-GR600
Gradient Module Block 6*16 wells *0.2 individual module
Six different annealing temperatures could be set for each zone
Tube Type 0.2ml PCR tubes, 8/12 strips, 96 wells PCR plate
Peltier Technology NewGenerationPeltierTechnology
Display 7 inches color touch screen, graphically display the realtime protocols and running status
Language Full English
Communications Ports 2 USB and 1 LAN
Venting System Front air in and back air out, two cyclers can be placed side by side
Temperature Block Temperature Range 0℃~105℃
Max. Heating Rate 5.5℃/s
Max. Cooling Rate 4.5℃/s
Temperature Uniformity ≤±0.15℃
Temperature Accuracy ≤±0.10℃
Display Resolution 0.10℃
Ramping Rate Adjustable Yes
Mode of Temperature Control Sim-tube & Block mode
Gradient Gradient Accuracy ≤±0.15℃
Zone Uniformity ≤±0.20℃
Gradient Range 0℃~105℃
Temperature Differential Range Less than 25℃ between two adjacent zones
Gradient Capability 6-zone temperature can be set independently, better than traditional gradient function
Software Max. No. of Programs Max. 15,000 programs onboard, unlimited storage of protocols with USB flash drive
Max. Step 30 steps, multiple nesting cycle available
Max. Cycle 100typical cycles, max. 60,000 nesting cycles
Time Increment/Decrement 1~120 sec, available forlong PCR &touchdown PCR
Temperature Increment/Decrement 0.1~10.0℃, available for touchdown PCR
Auto Pause / Auto Restart Yes
Multi-userLog in With password-based authentication prevents from view, copy and alteration of protocols
Tm Calculator Automatically calculate the melting and annealing temperature with two primer sequences
Hold at 4℃ Yes, an infinite incubation time at low temperature for overnight working
Program Wizard Yes, create PCR protocols with only a few clicks
Running Report Yes, provide precise information for the whole experiment
PC Connection Yes, PC remote control to manage multi units across the newwork
Heat Lid Height of Heat Lid Steplessly adjustable Lid, accommodates all kinds of PCR tubes, strips and plates
Lid Feature Innovative “TOP-OPEN” technology, protection from over- pressure
Heat Lid Temperature Range 30℃~112℃
Auto Shut-off Yes
Others Power Supply 85V-265V, 50-60Hz Max. 600W
Package Size(L*W*H) 362*256*255mm
Net Weight 7.3kg



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