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Pneumothorax / Pleural Drainage (Artificial Hydrothorax) Simulator


Product Name: Pneumothorax / Pleural Drainage (Artificial Hydrothorax) Simulator
Product No: XC-465
Material: PVC

1) Pneumothorax decompression, closed chest drainage of hydropneumothorax and drainage tube care after operation can be practiced
2) There are two visual windows in right thorax to show each layer of anatomical structures
3) Pneumothorax decompression training, closed drainage of hydropneumothorax training and thoracentesis training in the left thorax
4) The color, volume and viscosity of the drainage solution can be regulated.

Description: This manikin is an ideal teaching aid of pneumothorax decompression and closed chest drainage of hydropneumothorax.

Packing: 1pcs/carton, 56x24x54cm, 12kgs


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