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Laboratory Autoclaves Model: CL–32 L Brand: ALP, Japan


Technical Specifications: 
Capacity 54 Liters
Chamber (usable inner size) Ø320 x 676 mm
Usable max temperature Usable max pressure 140°c 0.27MPa
Usable temperature Sterilization 101~140°c
Dissolving : 40~100°c, warming 40~60°c
Usable time Sterilization dissolving :0 min~48 hrs. 00min and
continuous warming: 0 min ~ 48 hrs. 00 min
Controller Microprocessor controller graphic display
Temperature … 3 digits PID control
Timer .. 2 digits hrs : 2 digits minute down count (temperature/time integration system)
Operation pattern A: Heating→ Sterilization → Exhaust (adjustable)
B: Heating → Sterilization → Exhaust (adjustable) →Warming C: Dissolving →Warming
Operation pattern with drying D: Heating →Sterilization →Drain →Drying E : only drying
Drying device Hot air circulating and discharge by electric heater and air pump
Through 0.2µm micro cartridge filter of untake passage
Temperature range : 60~150°c timer range 0 min ~99 hrs 59 min and continuous
Air exhaust device Temperature (99°c… adjustable) sensing time (3 min.. adjustable)
control & solenoid valve (timed free steaming system)
Exhaust cooling system Water storage tank with cooling coil & exhaust drain receiver bottle
Drain valve Manual valve at inner side of exhaust bottle : CL models
Auto water supply Automatic water supply system from city water faucet by level sensor.
Controller Pre heat system To shorten the come up time at 60°c provide only with auto water supply
Rapid cooling system Chamber cooling system by 1~2 fans
Safety value operation 0.29MPa Water test pressure 0.58MPa
Chamber & lid Stainless steel SUS304 shiny polished molded silicon rubber lid gasket self seal system)
Outer panel Steel with baked melamine finish top panel heat resisting molded resin
Powered demand (50/60Hz) AC220/230/240V. 1 Phase 50/60Hz 4.0KW .18A
Outer dimensions WxDxH 550x550x990 mm
Stainless wire basket Ø300x300mmx2pcs
Weight 60 kg


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