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High Speed Mini Centrifuge Model: D2012S, Dlab, USA


Pulse operation for fast and convenient quick spins;
Speed up to 15000rpm(15100xg);
Brushless DC motor drive quickly to the target speed;
Smooth and quiet operation(noise≤65dB);
Automatic door lock and over-speed detection;
Wide voltage technology:speed is not affected by voltage fluctuations,high speed accuracy;
Microcentrifuges are mainly used in molecular biology laboratories for plasmid extraction;Nucleic acid purification;
Pre-sequencing processing and other applications including extracting of DNA/RNA samples,sedimentation biological components,biochemical and chemical analyses of microsamples.
Safety performance: Door interlock,over-speed detection, over-temperature detection, automatic intermal diagnosis.
Other functions: Speed/RCF switch, short-time run function, sound-alert function.
Rotor capacity: 0.2/0.5/1.5/2mL×12
Speed range: 15000rpm(300-15000rpm),increment:100rpm
Max. RCF: 15100xg
Speed accuracy: ±20rpm
Rotor type: Angular Rotor
Rotor capacity: 0.2/0.5/1.5/2mL×12
Run time: 30s-99min/Continuous
Acceleration/Braking time: 11s↑/15s↓
Temperature setting range: –
Display: LCD
Power: 70W
Voltage/Frequency: 100~240V,50/60Hz;
Noise level: ≤65dB
Motor type: Brushless DC motor
Dimensions[WxDxH]: 272mm×260mm×154mm
Weight: 6.2kg



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