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By using the highly efficient fan motor, it circulates air inside the chamber model series by force
and this operation features very fast diffusion of heat and it presents excellent distribution of temperature.
The viewing window is made of triple layers of tempered safety glass.
Current temperature and setting temperature is displayed separately on the control panel.
Easy to reserve and set up your start time.
The excellent fan provides you with less noise than any other proucts.
Wide range of Timer control ; 0~99 hour 59 minute.
The inner surface of the chamber, which is made of Stainless Steel, enables you to experience very
easy maintenance for cleanness.
As it circulates internal air flow by force, faster drying and excellent distribution of temperature is effected.
The height adjustable shelves enable end-users to use the cabinet regardless of the size of the reagent
and you can safely monitor inside the chamber.
With the elegant coordination of up-to-date design at the control board and center of the door, it presents
splendid exterior design which will surely upgrade interior image of your laboratory space.

General Specifications
Type Forced convection type
Capacity: 49L, 91L, 150L, 250L
Temperature Range: Amb ±10℃ to 200℃ (Max 250℃) (Option: 350 dgree)
Accuracy : ±0.5℃
Controller : Digital PID Controller 5 Pattern 18 step
Regulator : Triac Controller(SSR)
Thermocouple: K (CA Type)
Timer Range : 99hr 59min
Controller : Digital Display
Materials (In) : Stainless Steel Plater
(Ex) : Steel Plate with Powder Coating
Insulation : Glass Wool
Door Packing : High Temp. Silicone Rubber
Shelves : Stainless Steel, (Adjustable Type)
Window : High Temp. Safety Glass /3Glass
Safety Device: Fan Motor Over Current Circuit Breaker, 1/16 HP
Power AC 220V 50/60Hz 1Ø


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