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Dissolution Tester-8 Basket


Dissolution tester is used for detecting pharmic dissolution from tablet, capsule etc. in prescriptive menstruum.


* Auto-diagnose , auto-alarm.

* Stainless steel basket and paddle.

* Micro processor andLCDDisplay.

* The head part of the instrument can be turned over smoothly and flexibly(Rise and fall for BK-RC8) .

* Water circulating in the bath to keep the temperature conformity with magnetic pump.

Basket: 1pc 3pcs 6pcs 8pcs
Speed Range: 20~200rpm
Speed Precision ±2rpm
Temp. Range RT +45.0℃
Temp. Precision ±0.3℃
Timing Range: 5~900min 5~900min 1~999min 1~999min
Time Precision ±0.5min
Working Time: >24h
Paddle Swing Amplitude: ±0.5mm
Basket Swing Amplitude: ±1.0mm
Power Consumption: 600W 1200W
Power Supply: AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
External Size(W*D*H)mm 260*300*480 510*300*480 960*320*480 680*540*480


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