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Basic Life Support, BLS Manikin (CPR & AED Simulator)


Product Name: Basic Life Support, BLS Manikin (CPR & AED Simulator)
Product No: XC-BLS
Material: PVC

Description: Implement standard: AHA (American Heart Association) guideline for CPR The system provides BLS (Basic Life Support) teaching, operation process training and assessment. The system consists of basic emergency application software, full-body manikin, simulative AED; it can simulate pupil changes, carotid artery pulse, CPR training, AED defibrillation, case editing and multimedia courseware teaching. It is applicable for CPR training organization, hospitals, Medical colleges and Medical School for BLS training.

1) Simulating of a patient: the changes of pupils and carotid
2) Open airway
3) CPR: instantaneous graphics displaying of data, statistic report, training evaluation for one or more person, optional sounds related to CPR
4) AED Defibrillation: use a AED simulator machine , provide electrode patch
5) Script editor: the system provides multiple emergency cases

Optional function
1) Human trachea intubation
2) ECG simulator

Packing: 1pcs/carton, 94x38x58cm, 22kgs


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