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Analytical Balance-120gm


Capacity (kg): 120gm
Readout (g): 0,0001g
Linearity ± 0.002 g
Repeatability (typical) 1 mg
Stabilization Time: 2 s
Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical): 3 g
Pan dimensions (mm): 320x300x470
LCD Display with white backlighting separated from the scale body.
7 digits of 15 mm in display with messages as a way to guide the user.
7 keys of direct functions.
Scale with transparent glass protector.
Adjustable feet. They allow a greater stability, giving more precise results.
Bubble level.
Time of answer: 4-5 seconds.
Multiple units of measure: g, ct, lb, oz.
Under weighing.
Available models with internal calibration (261371 and 261372).
4 type of data sending to PC:
Continue: data sending in continue mode.
Ald: data sending to PC in stabilized weight.
Req: data sending to PC by user request.
Manual data sending.
Weighing system with electromagnetic compensation block.
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