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Analytical Balance-120gm


Internal Calibration: No need to open the cover for period verification and calibration.
Big Color Screen: Large screen, TFT LCD monitor, provide abundant weighing display information, convenient to read.
Full Screen Touch: In line with the laboratory touch solutions for work habits, even wear gloves more pieces, it can be operated.
Humanized user interface: Application of Metro color scheme, using the green color, the eye won’t tired long for long time work.
Unit conversion: Fast unit conversion makes the operation more convenient, clear and intuitive.

Weighing Capacity (g) 120
Readability (mg) 0.1
Repeatability (≤mg) ±0.1
Linearity (≤mg) ±0.2
Pan Size( mm) Dia.90
Gross Weight (kg) 8
Net Weight (kg) 5.5
Dimension (mm) 365×223×338
Packing Measurement (mm) 500×310×450


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