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Digital Muffle Furnace Model: SX3-5-12 Brand: TOPLINE, USA


Product Description:
1. Mirror stainless steel mouth, long-term use will not change color.
2. Imported double insulated ceramic liner, stable performance
3. Vacuum forming polycrystalline mullite fiber furnace, high efficiency insulation.
4. In the double shell, the air sleeve is insulated, and the double guiding air passage.
5.High-precision micro-computer controller and precision sensor are perfectly integrated, and the temperature is accurate.

Heating mode: Alloy wire heating in three sides left; right; top side.
Temp. Range: 100-1200℃
Temp. Resolution Ratio: 1℃
Temp. motion: ±1℃
Temp. Rising time to max temp: ≤30min
Structure: Chamber
material: Ceramic fiber
Outer shell: without B:cold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior; B model: stainless steel
Insulation layer: Ceramic fiber
Heater: Alloy heating wire
Power rating:1.5kW, 3.0kW, 4.5kW, 6.0kW, 9.0kW
Exhaust hole: φ30mm(chimney size 80*60mm)
Temp. setting mode
Touch button setting
Temp. display mode
Measuring temperature: LED upper row, setting temperature: the lower row Timer
Without P: No Timing Function; SX4- -P: 0- -99 hours and 59 minutes(with Timing Waiting Function) SX3: 01-3200min
Operation function
Fixed temperature operation, timing function, auto stop.
Additional function
Sensor deviation correction, Temperature overshoot self-tuning, Internal parameter locked, Power-off parameter memory
Safety device: Manual door security lock, over temperature sound-light alarm, door opening electrical outage, over-temperature protection thermocouple failure


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